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Production and Customization of Specialized Egg Holder Machinery

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About Us

Hebei Pantao Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, located in Zhengding, a famous historical and cultural city in China, in the plain of central Hebei Province. It was called Changshan and Zhending in ancient times. In history, it was called "Sanxiong Town in North China" together with Beijing and Baoding. Zhao Tuo, the centenary-old emperor, Zhao Yun, the hometown of Changsheng General, and ...

Buy eggshell machinery, pulp moulding machinery to find peach machinery

Focus on Egg Holder Machinery, Pulp Molding Machinery Development and Manufacture
Strength is strong and guaranteed


Strong production capacity

Strong production strength, fast supply, products exported to domestic and foreign markets

3000 square meters production plant, multiple production lines, optimize the process of each ring
Standardized implementation, introduction of high-end advanced equipment and professional production team

In the industry has enjoyed a certain reputation
For a long time, our company has been producing satisfactory products for customers with advanced technology and experience.;


Strict quality control

Strict quality inspection layer by layer to ensure the high quality of each machine of peach

Quality inspection of peach machinery products is only qualified and unqualified to ensure that the manufactured products
The qualified rate is 100%. Authoritative test report and multi-patent certification

Implementing the requirements of quality management system in an all-round way and strictly controlling the quality of production links;
Covering the national after-sales service network system, so that you can find us at any time!


Reasonable product price

Direct selling of manufacturer's first-hand price supply saves enterprise's cost

The manufacturer directly provides for sale, eliminates the overlapping of intermediate interests, optimizes raw material suppliers, outsourcing manufacturers and purchasing process, reduces raw material cost, optimizes product structure and production process, guarantees quality and saves production costs at the same time.

Enterprise sub-stations:

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